David+Weidner+Head+ShotThough we’ve been lead to believe that capitalism and democracy joined hand-in-hand create the best system for all involved, the reality often paints a far different picture.

While it’s true that American politics and economics are irrevocably intertwined, the ways in which the movements of one sphere cascade through the other are often unclear – and sometimes detrimental to both U.S. citizens and humanity as a whole.


The goal of this site is to shed light on those moments and instances which require closer scrutiny.

In today’s post-truth world, where alternative facts and fake news compete with trusted sources and peer-reviewed works, it’s time to question everything we’ve been told.

David Weidner is a trusted journalist, and a true capitalist – one who knows that the system doesn’t work unless all economic classes are cared for.  He believes it is the duty of the informed to challenge the distortion of capitalism in today’s world – and to correct imbalance wherever possible, by sharing clear, concise, and informed commentary, accessible to a wider audience.

Trusted journalist. Established political commentator.

Best known for keen and unbiased coverage of the events leading up to and surrounding the U.S. financial and housing crisis, David Weidner exhibits a strong knack for uncovering and exposing the truth, unswayed by politics or financial influences.

His dedication to transparent journalism lead him to spearhead efforts by both The Wall Street Journal and MarketWatch to report on topics relevant to the public during the run up, meltdown, and fallout of the housing bubble, as well as the subsequent economic recession.

Dedicated to transparency.

As a columnist, David was sharply critical of the appointment of Wall Street executives to regulatory roles in Washington and the erosion of standards in lending practices. He forecasted the failure of Wall Street banks (including Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers), and wrote extensively on the circumstances which contributed to their demise.

In 2009 and 2010, he covered hearings by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. In the aftermath, he conducted exploratory efforts which examined the U.S bank bailouts, as well as  the Obama administration’s response, and the impact of initiatives designed to aid homeowners.

During the Occupy Wall Street movement, David covered both the national protest against big banks, and their reported financial influence on lawmakers.

His editorial column Writing on the Wall ran for 10 years, contributing more than 1,000 articles on economic and financial topics, prior to publishing its last article in 2015. He has received many accolades for journalistic excellence, including awards from The Associated Press for both column writing and investigative reporting.

Informed, and insightful.

David Weidner has been featured as both a journalist and political commentator on broadcasts for Fox Business, CNBC, C-SPAN, MSNBC, CBS News, National Public Radio and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

He is currently accepting commitments for political writing and commentary, as well as keynote engagements. For availability, please inquire here.